New Missouri Law Makes Me Cringe

New Missouri Gun Law

Before I get started let me just say that what I’m about to say has NOTHING to do with politics or your Second Amendment Rights. What it does have to do with is common sense, which isn’t to common these days.

This new law will allow any adult that is a Missouri resident, and able to purchase a firearm, conceal carry within the state without a permit. Just think about that a minute. The first thing that comes to mind is; Any adult can have kids too, but should they? Yes, I realize that is comparing apples to oranges, but just think about it a moment. If anything, you’ll think, “oh absolutely I know people that shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.” See, same concept here.

While it is a constitutional right to own a firearm, carrying that firearm concealed is a complete different animal. I, as well as my wife, have concealed carry permits. We had to attend training, which was a basic firearms course basically. But we also had to qualify, proving we were somewhat proficient with the firearm. It was by no means an in-depth course. They have other course that go deeper into carrying concealed as well as running through different scenarios.

Once we completed that course, we made an appointment with our County Sheriff to apply for the permit. We had to fill out an application as well as get fingerprinted. Then that information all went through another background check. The officer told us that it could take a couple weeks to get the results and be issued our permits. However, our background checks came back in 10 minutes and were issued our permits. With our permits, we can carry in any state that has reciprocity. This new law only allows you to carry in the state of Missouri, so if you want to travel to another state, you still need to go through the process we did.

So now that you know the process, in Missouri anyway, let me get into why this makes me cringe. Carry concealed is a HUGE, let me say that again, HUGE responsibility. YOU, the one pulling the trigger are responsible for whatever happens after you pull said trigger. Are you ready for that? Is just anyone ready for that? I obviously would argue that no, they are not.

For me personally, I’ve had extensive training in the military on many different weapons. I was qualified on the following at some point in my military career; M16, M9, M4, MK19 (40 MM Automatic Grenade Launcher), M60, and M249 SAW. Does that make me an expert? Absolutely not, but I’m familiar and comfortable with firearms. The military also trained me for high stress situations and making split second decisions under those situations. Or at least on how to deal with them.

That brings me to this. Lets say there are people in Missouri right now that are buying their first firearm. For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume it’s a pistol of some sort because they are all excited now that they can conceal carry without a permit. My first question would be why did they wait until now? But that’s besides the point. Now this person has never owned a firearm and may or may not have ever shot a firearm. But now they can conceal carry that new firearm from the moment they purchase it. See where I’m going with this?

Now, most people will either know what they are doing or at least get some training. But I guarantee there are going to be people out there that don’t. That’s what makes me cringe. In fact the more I think about it, it down right scares the shit out of me.

The whole point of conceal carrying is protecting yourself and loved ones. However, I can tell you that drawing my weapon is a LAST resort, as it should be for everyone. The first thing that needs to happen is you need to get yourself and loved ones out of the area if you can. This is why situational awareness is so important. Every place I go, I am scanning the area looking for exits and going through in my head what I will do incase anything happens. It doesn’t have to be a shooting, it could be a fire or whatever, but those thoughts are happening at a split second through my skull. Just ask Angie, I don’t like going into a restaurant where we have a table in the middle of the room. I prefer a corner booth with my back at the wall and everything is in front of me so I can see it.

Now lets say that one of these people do actually use their firearm is a self defense situation. Now here’s where it gets real ugly, real fast. Was it justified? Did you kill the person or just injure them? Did you make sure what was behind them before shooting? Did you injure anyone else because you weren’t paying attention? Are you ready for the legal battle your about to endure? Etc, etc……

I guarantee you that most people don’t or won’t think about half of that. All they’re concerned about it safety. Which is important, but this is why it’s also important to leave yourself options. If you can, that is. Hell, I hope it never happens, but you may have no choice. However, as a concealed carrier, you have to be prepared for the consequences. That’s why I am a United States Concealed Carrier Association (USCCA) member. If God forbid, I do have to use my weapon, they are my defense team. I make a phone call and they take over from there.

I guess I’ve probably rambled on long enough, but I think you get the point why this makes me cringe. I take carrying concealed seriously, because as I said earlier, its a HUGE responsibility. I’m comfortable with my abilities and am ready to accept the consequences should I need to use my weapon. I’m also the guy that will unload my firearm and practice drawing it in various positions. Because that’s what you need to do. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Well, that’s my two cents, and remember; Just because you’re able to have kids, doesn’t mean you should.



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