Sanders Tax Plan

I saw a post someone shared on Facebook this morning that instantly made my blood boil. So, before just sharing it, I did some research to make sure it was true. It was true and I found that Fox News did tweet out the photo. I screen captured the tweet, which is below.

Let me first say I haven’t read or researched his tax plan, but I am going on the assumption that Fox News did. With that in mind, this hits close to home for Angie and I because we paid taxes on $80,000 for 2015. A quick search of the IRS site and I learned that that puts us in the 25% tax bracket ($74,900-$151,200), which is for married filing joint.

Now, running some numbers here, an additional $206 a week equates to $10,712 more for the year. That means the Sanders plan would move that same 25% tax bracket to 38%, meaning we would pay roughly $30,400 total. Is it just me or is that completely insane. I’m not a mathematician by any means, but I have calculated and recalculated numerous times and keep coming up with the same numbers.

Applying all of this to real world shit, does anyone want to take a stab at what that $206 means to us? That is what we spend a week on groceries. It’s actually anywhere from $150-$200 a week, but you get my point. When we have the kids for the summer, it’s usually $350 a week. Another example is an additional $206 a week equates to $824 a month, or a mortgage payment for some families. Just let that soak in a minute….. That additional $206 a week could also mean some families have to cut back on what they put into retirement savings. Any Bernie supporters seeing the issue here?!?

All I’ve heard from the Sanders campaign is that he wants to tax the rich and redistribute that to pay for various programs, etc. and the working class won’t be affected. However, I don’t think we are rich at all. We don’t live paycheck to paycheck by any means, but I don’t feel we’re rich. We still maintain a household budget and do our best to stick with it. Some people may say we have nice things and usually buy what we want. Which we do, but we also work our asses off for it. Angie puts in at least 60 hrs a week and I put in 70 hrs a week. Hell, I get home Friday sometime and leave again on Sunday. I’m home for, at most, 40-44 hrs each week. It sucks, but that’s the life I chose. I chose to be a business owner and own my own truck. I would like to be home more and take more time off, but I don’t like losing money. If this truck I’m sitting in typing this right now isn’t moving, I’m not making money. However, since I own it, the fixed expenses don’t stop. I know many reading this can’t comprehend this at all, but the bottom line is, we bust our asses to have what we have. We aren’t sitting at home complaining that someone has more than we have, or has a better opportunity than we have. We do what we have to do.

Back in 2008 when I was admistratively seperated from the Air Force, I was hit rock bottom. I went from being a SNCO in the military to a civilian working at Lowe’s for $10.25 an hour. That didn’t even begin to pay the bills I had. We decided to file for bankruptcy just to get out from under everything and be able to breathe. We weren’t proud of it at all and it took many months of contemplating before doing it, but we swallowed our pride and regrouped.

8 years later, Angie is now a SNCO and I am a successful business owner. I’m throwing all of this personal stuff in here to put some texture to it all. Every citizen in this great country has the same opportunity we have. Yet many would rather just bitch an moan about not getting free education, health care, or whatever else it is they want for free. Free isn’t Free either. Someone is paying for it.

Why do taxes even have to be raised anyway. Why not go over every government funded progaram with a fine tooth comb and weed out all the stupid bullshit. You know, all of that shit that gets put into a bill (a rider) at the last minute to make someone happy in order to get the bill passed. I’m pretty confident there is already enough taxes dollars being misused to fund things like free college. On a side note, if college is “free”, who the hell pays the professors?

As I final thought, I’ll leave you with this; I also learned by researching the IRS website is that if we made just $5,100 less last year, we would have been in the 15% tax bracket, saving us $8,000 in taxes. So, I’m thinking of taking a month off this year just to make sure we aren’t in the 25% bracket next year… WOW, I could hardly type that without laughing. There is no way in hell I’d take a month off, unless I can find someone that wants to pay my $5,000 in fixed expenses for the month. I know that will never happen though, so I’ll just continue to bust my ass and kill it like I have been.

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