Transport America Orientation; Final Day

The final day started out with being greeted by an adorable little 6yr old girl when we walked in.  Joe's (orientation manager) daughter had a fever, so they had to keep her out of school.  His wife had morning meeting commitments with her job, so he was watching her until she was done. We started … Continue reading Transport America Orientation; Final Day

Transport America Orientation; Day 2

Today started off with getting our login information all squared away for the pay website as well as eServices.  The eServices website was made by the IT department specifically for drivers.  One of the coolest things the website does is it gives drivers the ability to get messages while they aren't in the truck.  You … Continue reading Transport America Orientation; Day 2

Transport America Orientation; Day 1

This is my third trucking company I have worked for. My previous expeience has been cheap hotels with 2 drivers per room. No microwave, no fridge, crappy mattress, cheap sheets, pillows, and towels. Yesterday afternoon I checked into the Comfort Inn East in Indianapolis. I asked the lady if we were doubled up and she … Continue reading Transport America Orientation; Day 1