People Never Cease To Amaze Me

On three separate occasions today people have come up to me asking for money or food.

The first guy walks up to me this morning as I am re-waxing the truck. He starts by telling me how much he likes my wheels and how awesome they look. I said thanks and knew immediately he wasn't another driver as he didn't ask me what I use to keep them so clean. This guy goes on to tell me how he can polish wheels really good and does it for cheap. I said well, as you can see, I don't think I need your service nor do I polish my wheels. He lingers around some more which I have no patience for, so I said dude your not getting anything from me so leave now or I will ensure you get taken care of with a meal in jail tonight. He looked at me and walked away.

The second encounter was when I was walking to the building and a different guy was sitting by the door asking for hand outs. Politely told him I didn't have any money and walked in. He gave me a real dirty look when I walked out with a bag in my hand and actually had the nerve to call me a liar. I just kept walking.

The third encounter is what prompted this rant… As I came out of the sleeper to shut the truck off for a bit I could see someone through the blind side window. And they were talking to the driver next to me. Well, about a minute after I shut the truck off she knocked on that window. I just went about my business getting my stuff ready to shower. While I went back to the sleeper to gather everything I saw her in my mirror talking to the driver on my side of the truck (he had pulled into the spot so his trailer is by my cab)

Anyway, all of a sudden I hear this banging on the side of my truck. This bitch had the nerve to not only touch my truck but to bang on the side. Ohhhh we have a problem now!

I flung my door open, which scared her and asked what the hell she wanted. She was obviously hammered as she could stand straight. She proceeds to tell me that her husband is a driver, but got laid off by one of the companies that went under. I said sorry to hear that but pretty much every company is hiring so he shouldn't have a problem finding a job. She looked at me all serious and put her had on the truck to keep from falling over. She was about to say something when I told her that if she touches my truck again we are going to have problems. She proceeded to ask if I had any money to help them out and I said no. Again she touched the truck. I took a breathe and asked if she saw my tire thumper in my door. She said she did. I said well, if you touch my truck again I will break your fingers so if I were you I would leave now. She called me an asshole as she stumbled away. I had to chuckle. Like I've never been called that before. LOL

Yeah, I may be an asshole, but I am not going to help someone that doesn't help themselves. If I gave anyone of those people money today, all they were going to do is go buy alcohol. Not to mention they are like stray animals. Ya feed 'em once and they never leave.

What really pissed me off was her touching my truck. It's like touching a cowboy's cowboy hat. Or walking up to someone's motorcycle and touching it. YA JUST DON'T DO IT!

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