It’s not Rocket Science

I just gotta vent this morning. I would really like to know what is so hard about planning loads. When I left Laredo I set my projected time available (PTA) exactly for when I would be available. Novel concept I know. That was on Sunday and it was updated everyday since than as we have to submit our previous days hours every morning.

Not only that, but I sent emails letting everyone know when I would be available and asked for a chassis load out of Gaffney to get me back up to Gary and deliver tomorrow. That would allow me to get a coil on Friday, stop at the house for a 34 hour reset, and be in Laredo Monday night.

Which brings me to another bitch. Owner Operators don't need driver managers. That is the whole point of being an owner operator. YOU manage everything. If you don't do it correctly, than that is your own damn fault and your profit/loss statement will reflect that.

So, here I sit in Charlotte waiting on someone to pull their head out there ass, and just burning up valuable time.

I can almost see what is gonna happen. I will sit here a couple hours and than get a plan to go to Gaffney anyway. Why would that still piss me off? Well, glad you asked. I am 50 miles from Gaffney right now which means I could be down there, load secured, and gone in the time it takes them to figure out what to do. It's a dedicated account and we ALWAYS have loads coming out of there.

This is the part of the job that is more frustrating than Austin traffic. What we need is one more middle man in the mix to fuck things up even more.

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