Obama got something right (Must Read for Military Members)

Robert, the guy preparing our taxes at American Trucking Business Solutions (ATBS), called today.

He started by asking why I was claiming Illinois as my residence while Angie was claiming Texas.

After I gave him the skinny he said that I qualified for a new law that Obama signed into law that took effect for the 09 tax season.


As you can see just by the link, it is a military spouse residency relief act. What that means, for those that don't know, is that since I am a military spouse now I can claim what Angie claims. Which is Texas and has no state tax.

See, before the spouse would always have to become a resident of whatever state they lived in. But, as long as you are active duty you can maintain a state no matter where you live.

Ok, so what does it mean for me?

Well, apparently when I became my own business I said I would like to be taxed out the ass please. See, ever since I was separated from the military and became an Illinois resident, I got a refund. Not anymore!

Had Robert not told me about that new law I would have had to pay the state of Illinois close to $900. Keep in mind I was a company driver for 10 months in 2009 and Swift was taking state and federal taxes out. Even with my Q4 tax payment I sent them I still owed.

However, due to this new law and the ability for me to claim Texas, I will now be receiving a $99 refund from the state and will NOT have to send them anymore quarterly tax payments!!! Woot Woot!

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