It’s not Rocket Science

I just gotta vent this morning. I would really like to know what is so hard about planning loads. When I left Laredo I set my projected time available (PTA) exactly for when I would be available. Novel concept I know. That was on Sunday and it was updated everyday since than as we have … Continue reading It’s not Rocket Science

Jan Brewer for President

For those needing some background info before reading my rant, here ya go: This country is going to hell right before our eyes.  Why is there a big ass debate now and huge protests over making it a crime to be here illegally? The protestors are saying it is a civil rights issue and … Continue reading Jan Brewer for President

Obama got something right (Must Read for Military Members)

Robert, the guy preparing our taxes at American Trucking Business Solutions (ATBS), called today. He started by asking why I was claiming Illinois as my residence while Angie was claiming Texas. After I gave him the skinny he said that I qualified for a new law that Obama signed into law that took effect for … Continue reading Obama got something right (Must Read for Military Members)