Fired Up

FOX News was on the 'ol boob tube as I was eating a fine dinner at the Davey Crockett Travel Center in Greenville, TN and I am friggin HOT! Wow, how's that for a run-on sentence..

Anyway, item number one:

Here are the first two paragraphs of the article..

"A court order requiring the father of a Marine killed in Iraq to pay court costs of anti-gay protesters who picketed the funeral has not only angered the father — it is prompting outcry among veterans.

The VFW issued a statement to its members calling on them to help the father, Albert Snyder of York, Pa., pay the $16,510 owed to Fed Phelps, the leader of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Church, which held protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral in 2006."

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? The judge said it was the protesters First Ammendment Right to protest. BULLSHIT is what I say. I agree that people have every right to protest and say what they want, but at a funeral? C'mon people. What pisses me off even more is that the ring leader of the whole thing is the leader of a church.

Wonder how that asshole would feel if a bunch of people showed up at the funeral of one of his family members that were killed and protested.

This really has me so pissed off, I can hardly type. Common sense is not common at all anymore. The ironic thing is, they were protesting the funeral of an individual that fought and defended their freedom to do that.

I'm just gonna leave it at that before I really piss people off and go down the religious road and what I think of it all and this Baptist church…

The second issue has to due with the Mexican Border:

Hang on to your hats on this one ladies and gentlemen…

First, let me applaud Sen. McCain on changing his mind about putting military troops on the boarder.

Second, I believe it is something like 70% of Americans support such a move. Think the POTUS will do it though? I am guessing no because he is concerned about sending the wrong message.

Now, what exactly would that wrong message be? That we can't trust you bastards to come across legally so we are bringing in the big guns? I am confused… Easily done by the way.

Here is what I think we should do and I have said this for the past 10 years. It's really quite simple to me and I am stealing a page out of the USAF Security Forces Protection Level One page book.

When I was stationed in Vegas and assigned to the Weapons Storage Area we had two fences around the place, with a 30 foot clear zone between them. In that clear zone were microwave sensors that detected movement. The inner fence also had sensors on it and it was electrified. Now, anytime an alarm went off we had a certain response time to that sector to investigate. There were obviously cameras as well, but we still sent actual bodies out to "run the sector"

That being said, this is what we need to do: Install two 30ft fences 30-50 feet apart. Run about 30K volts through both and have sensors on them as well to detect cutting or movement. Between the fences have the same microwave system. As well as cameras every 10 feet. For an added touch, let's but 3 strands of razor tape right down the middle, just in case they get through the first fence before a patrol can get there. On both sides of the fence there need to be signs every 15 feet that warn "Deadly Force is Authorized". Of course it would have to be in Spanish as well. Oh, and light it up like a shit house in a fog storm. Yes, the whole friggin border.

You could than have alarm monitoring stations every 50 miles or so. Those monitoring stations would have the manning to have a patrol every 5 miles. Roughly giving you a pretty damn quick response time. The whole thing would be manned by the US Border Patrol

The border is roughly 2,000 miles, which would mean 40 command posts (where alarm monitors would be). Each command post would need at least 25 people per shift. That is 10 two person response teams, 2 alarm monitors, 2 desk personnel, and a shift leader. 3 shifts per day is 75 personnel at least for one command post. All-in-all, you would need a minimum of 3,750 personnel. That is not factoring in maintenance personnel or people to cover for vacations. So, in reality it would probably take 4,500 – 5,000 personnel per command post.

I realize that it would cost billions and not solve all the issues, but it sure would take care of the majority of them. Not to mention, it would create jobs. 🙂

Will that ever happen? Hell no, but ya gotta admit it is a hell of an idea.

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