OOIDA Information Update – Mexican trucks


Please read the following email I received today and get involved.. This IS NOT GOOD for America on so many levels.


"It's profoundly disappointing the U.S. hasn't met its commitment to open our borders to Mexican trucks" – Thomas Donohue, the President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (and former President of the American Trucking Associations) 


Dear OOIDA Member,

The big boys are coming after you and after your livelihood.

Yesterday the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched a new campaign to push the White House and Congress to open U.S. roads to Mexico-domiciled trucking companies and truck drivers.

Though the Chamber has been pushing for Mexican trucks for many years, this campaign comes at a time when the organization is setting records for its spending on lobbying.

Public records show that the US Chamber had over $123 million in lobbying expenses last year alone.

Don't be confused by its name, the US Chamber of Commerce carries the water for multi-national corporations and does not represent the interests of local and state chamber of commerce organizations.

They have incredibly deep pockets and no qualms about using their money to push the government to take actions that will economically benefit their largest members even if those actions trample on hard working Americans and jeopardize the safety and security of our country.


As you read this, the Chamber and its allies are calling on Congressmen and twisting the arms of government officials.

They see the fallout from the tariffs that Mexico has imposed on US exports as the best opportunity they have had in years to force open our border and our roads to truckers from Mexico.

They well know that companies and drivers from Mexico will be cheap and exploitable.

Please do not stand by and let these thugs in suits ruin your industry and your livelihood.

Please call both of your Senators and your Congressman today and demand that they oppose efforts to open US roads to truckers from Mexico!

Please tell your fellow truckers, family members and friends to call and keep calling until the Chamber and its allies are silenced.

While you have to contend with the burdens of constantly increasing safety, security or environmental regulations, Mexico-domiciled trucking companies and truck drivers simply do not have to deal with those regulations or the costs associated with them. Opening U.S. highways to Mexican truckers at this time is not only unfair to you, it would threaten the safety of our highways and the security of our nation.

To contact your 2 Senators and your Representative in the House, call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at

(202) 224-3121, provide the operator with your home zip code. The operator will connect you with the offices of your elected representatives.

You are also welcome to call OOIDA at

(800) 444-5791. Association staff will be happy to help put you in touch with your elected officials.

Thank you for your time and your efforts to fight this fight.

Your livelihood, your family and your country are worth it.



Todd Spencer

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