Met a NC Trooper Today

I just left the rest area at MM 44 on I-26E. There is no traffic at all headed east either. Well, besides a truck ahead of me.

I am heading down this 6% grade at 60mph. The speed limit is 55, but that is where the Jake was holding it at and every 30 seconds or so I would touch the brakes and slow to 55. That is done so the brakes don't burn up and start on fire.

Anyway, I am approaching this truck and we are almost to the bottom of the hill when I see a patrol car on the right median. No lights on and no customer (but he was apparently fishing for one).. So, ahead of him about 1/4 mile I can see the sign that says END TRUCK RESTRICTION…

I proceed to move over to not only pass the truck, but to move over for the stopped trooper. At that time I noticed I was going 60 and thinking, SHIT!!!

Well, as I look in my mirror, here he comes.. Gets behind me to where I can see him and hits the lights…

He walks up and I have my permit book, logbook and license ready for him. He looks at the logbook and says "damn, that's a neat logbook." He asks if I know why he pulled me over. This is where I am at my best.. I play stupid with the best of 'em. "No sir I don't", I said..

He than asks if I saw the 4 signs within the past 4 miles that said NO TRUCKS LEFT LANE. Well, yes I did but…. And he gets off the truck and walks to his car.

Comes back 3 min later with a computer printout. Yeah, troopers are all high tech today. No more carbon copy ticket book for the NC Troopers.

Anyway, he tells me that I have been cited for "designated lane disobedience" and that my court date is April 8th at the Polk Co Courthouse. He explained that if I choose to just pay the fine the instructions are highlighted. Well, that sure was nice of him to highlight that area for me wasn't it?

The fine is $50 and than the court cost is $130. Even if I don't go to court I have to pay the total. Chances are I won't be anywhere near the Polk County Courthouse on that date and the hassle of trying to get there would cost more than the fine. So, I will just pay the fine and I guess pay more attention from now on.

I could come up with all kinds of excuses why I shouldn't have got the ticket. Some would be extremely valid as well. However, this is one of those times I believe it is best to shut-up and color..

Oh, and the irony in all of this for ya.. See previous blog….. Damn you Sen Gibbs.. LOL

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