Dear Sen. Dan Gibbs

Read this first:

To the Honorable Mr. Gibbs,

First let me start by saying that you have no clue what you are talking about and would bet you have NEVER driven a commercial vehicle. Because if you had, you would know that there are many variables that come into play when traversing a mountain. Most importantly would be weight. By your proposal you are saying that no matter what we (Professional Drivers) have to stay in the right lane no matter what. You obviously have put no thought into this nor has many of your fellow colleagues.

If you had, you would know that not all CMVs weigh exactly the same. That means I could be 44K lbs and another truck could be grossed out at 80K lbs. So now I have to slow down from 60 or 55 to follow him or her? How fair is that?

Secondly, how does one semi passing another cause a safety issue? Oh yeah, you said that it causes cars to slam on their breaks. No sir! What causes cars to slam on their brakes are the drivers of those cars not paying attention to what is ahead of them. I can tell by the article that you are one of the thousands of drivers I see in a day that hate to get stuck behind a semi. Yet, if you just relaxed for a minute or two you would be well on your way.

See Mr. Big Shot Senator who hath no clue, your car can slow down and accelerate a helluva a lot faster than even an empty semi.

How about educating drivers on driving around semis? That would probably be to easy though.

This is just like all the states that make trucks stay in the 2 right lanes going through major cities. We are just passing through but yet we are forced to start and stop because cars don't know how to merge or have to jockey for position which causes everyone else to tap their brakes.. I see it everyday and at this point it is comical to me.

I am not saying as a Professional Driver I am better than anyone else, what I am saying is that common sense should be used and people should just chill out. We all have deadlines and places to be.

I wonder how your voters would like it if truckers boycotted hauling freight in and out of your state? Not to mention all of the taxes you would lose from highway use tax and fuel tax.

Thank you for your time senator and I am sure this di nothing to sway your narrow views.

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