Truckies are modern knights of road

Have no idea who wrote this, but HERE HERE!!!!

I'm not a truck driver, but totally support the men and women who drive these big rigs. They do long hours and have to contend with foolish motorists who don't use their brains when passing a truck.

Truckies are just trying to make a living, but I feel they get unfairly targeted. Most are very courteous and considerate, and a lot of these drivers report dangerous driving and help out at accidents.

Incidentally, I can't say I've ever heard of a truck driver drinking and driving. Truck accidents don't account for much of the annual road toll, and in most accidents involving trucks versus cars, it is the fault of the car driver.

I totally agree with having safe and road-worthy trucks on our roads but a lot of the faults found are very minor ones and pose no great threat to road safety.

I feel a lot of the motivation is revenue gathering. Trucks are easy targets because of their high usage and the number of things that can go wrong.

They shouldn't be automatically fined; an opportunity should be given to fix the fault. Are all trucks expected to undergo a daily mechanical inspection in a workshop? Even then, a fault can appear soon after a check. I really think a fault would still be found, even with a new truck, with a new warrant of fitness.

How many serious accidents are there every year that involve trucks, with the cause being a mechanical fault? Many accidents are caused by a car driver crossing the centre line or animals or oil/diesel on the road. Why aren't all vehicles randomly inspected at the roadside?

Cars and light vehicles, where the driver has been drinking, not wearing a seat belt or speeding, should be more of an enforcement target.  


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