DOT to shut down on Tuesday

I will keep this short as it pisses me off. It really amazes me how congress adjourns for the weekend and won't be back till Tuesday. What amazes me about that is they are still getting paid, yet starting Tuesday the majority of DOT employees will be sitting at home not getting paid because their … Continue reading DOT to shut down on Tuesday

South Dakota Bill

This pretty much explains why current and legal log books are so important. Although a driver can also be placed Out Of Service for other issues as well, the most popular being improper brake adjustment. Pre and post trip inspections are vital and another reason I try to keep my truck clean. It's easier to … Continue reading South Dakota Bill

Truckies are modern knights of road

Have no idea who wrote this, but HERE HERE!!!! I'm not a truck driver, but totally support the men and women who drive these big rigs. They do long hours and have to contend with foolish motorists who don't use their brains when passing a truck. Truckies are just trying to make a living, … Continue reading Truckies are modern knights of road