Profit/Loss Statement

I received my December Profit/Loss from American Trucking Business Services (ATBS) today. I gotta tell ya, it confuses the shit outta me. However, I was able to decipher it even though I was looking at it on my BlackBerry.

The bottom line is I am in the black as of December. My net income before taxes was almost 4K for the month and almost 5K since I started on 11/17/09. I also only paid $26 in fuel taxes, which is awesome if ya ask me as the goal is to pay zero. Right now, without talking to my business consultant at ATBS, my guess is that is due to my fueling mess up when I first started.

So, it was a good report, but I have some adjustments to make as I am not seeing what I should in my bank account. Mom and Angie will be doing back flips in the next few minutes.

Before I get to that though, I want you to think of the last trip you went on. Think of the money you spent on snacks, meals, etc while traveling. Now imagine doing that every single day.. Yeah, kinda spendy isn't it? The IRS only allows us $55 a day for meals and drinks.

With that in mind, I need to cut my daily expenses and incidentals. Anyone care to guess on where I can save the most amount of money? Some would say drink less Mt. Dew, but we all know if I do that, they will go out of business. Others would say to quit spending so much on food. I gotta tell ya though, I spend maybe $20 a day on food. So where is all the money going and what do I need to change?

My mother is talking to the computer right now and smiling. So, without further ado, the biggest savings I can make is to quit smoking. There, I said it mom. Ya happy now? LOL. Seriously though, I go through a pack a day easily. On average I spend $15-$20 every other day. That means I smoke $300 a month… WTF?!? Holy shit that's an eye opener when you see it in numbers.

That's just one thing too. Other things I can do is to stock up on canned foods when I am home to cut down on fast food and the cost of fast food.

Sonofabitch, I just realized I am throwing away $500 a month easily, like it's nothing..

Ok, now that I have frustrated myself I will go smoke as I won't be able to enjoy that for much longer. Yes, I really do enjoy smoking but I guess I need to figure something else out.

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