Fuel Summary is Eye Opening

Since I have nothing but time right now as I am 4th in line for a load I figured I would be slightly productive and toss some eye opening information out there.

As an O/O we get a 13 week fuel summary sent to us via the Qualcomm.

The 13 week summary I just received goes from 10/27/09 – 01/25/10. Keep in mind though, for me, it isn't a full 13 weeks as I got my truck on 11/17/09. That being said here is the eye opening part:

My average net fuel cost is $1.64/gal

Purchases: $8,079.71 (2949 gallons)
Rebates: $3,232.86 (13,531 loaded miles)
Net Cost: $4,846.85 ($1.64/Gallon)

Driving MPG – 6.47 (13wks) / 5.79 (last week)
Trip MPG – 6.10 (13wks) / 5.66 (last week)
DCI (idle percentage): 32% (13wks) / 18% (last week)

Trip MPG is the key to maximize the value of the fuel rebate and put more $ in my pocket. We all know that the faster you go, the more horsepower needed which means more fuel used. Right now I don't go over 64mph unless I need to pass someone. The average mpg they use in calculations is 6.5, so I'm only 4 tenths off, which isn't bad.

Plus, I only have 22,228 miles on the truck and have been told by many that I won't start seeing a real increase in mpg until at least 50k miles.

Another thing to consider is that all of this information is gathered by the SensorTracs system aka Big Brother, and may not be completely accurate. However, in my case, as of now it's pretty much spot on as I have calculated my mpg manually as well.

Anyway, just thought most of you would find it interesting what it costs to get goods on the shelves. I spend roughly $500 on fuel on a 1350 mile trip (Gary to Laredo). Another thing to keep in mind though is that many factors play into fuel usage. The way I shift, accelerate, stop, road condition, wind, and how heavy I am are just a few.

While most out here conform to the "dumb truck driver" stereotype, as you can see, I am not one of them and take it seriously. It isn't just driving. Yes, that is a big part but honestly, this is most mentally taxing and physically exhausting thing I have ever done. Keeping 80k lbs between the lines with a 30mph cross wind is a workout in and of it self.

Well, I guess I have rambled long enough. Thanks for reading and I hope it was informative.

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