Tard Happy

I'm not even sure where to start, but let me just say that this truck is FRIGGIN SWEET. It's like I went from a Plymouth Horizon to a Cadillac STS.

Had a couple of mis shifts due to the clutch being totally different and grabbing quicker, but once I got that figured out all was good. I even successfully "floated" all the gears up and down. So, once I got out of Phoenix the only time I used the clutch was to start and stop.

The power this Cummins engine has is unreal. When she hits 20lbs of boost it actually sets you back in your seat a bit. Keep in mind this is loaded. Drives weighed 32K and the trailer axles weighed 30K.

The best part though is being governed at 68 vs the 62 that I was. I ran at 64, but having that extra 4 mph on tap is awesome.

I went with what the Qualcomm gave me for fueling even though I had half a tank. It told me to take on 146 gallons at the Phoenix terminal, but 115 filled it. Reading through my Pre-CABS course it recommends sticking to the Qualcomm fuel route as long as I report my fuel level correctly every morning when I submit my stats from the previous day. The reason to stick with the Qualcomm fuel route is pretty simple and makes sense to me. See, the computer takes everything into account. Fuel I have on board, how many miles the trip is, the states I am going through, the fuel taxes of those states, the mileage taxes of those states, etc…. Confused yet? Try figuring all that shit out in your head.. LOL

Right now my the truck is saying I am getting 6.7 mpg as does the Qualcomm. However, Angie is going to create a Fueling Spreadsheet for me. That way I can give her all the numbers and start keeping a true average. Plus that will let me know how far off the computer is.

Before I close, I know there are some of you that are wondering what the subject means. If your not on the lead lap, do a search for Ralphie May Tard Happy…. When you hear him explain it, you will understand just how happy I am. 🙂

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