Finally getting to Phoenix

It looks like Monday will be the day I get my truck and move into the O/O world. Well, providing I have no issues with the truck.

I have to pick up a load of Quaker Oats in Tucson tomorrow afternoon and deliver in Tolleson, AZ on Monday morning. Tolleson is a suburb of Phoenix.

That means I will be sitting at the Phoenix terminal tomorrow and the Sprint Cup race is in Phoenix this week. Sucks I don't have tickets, but I guess I could get them at the track though.

However, this kid is beat. 630 mile days 3 days in a row kick my ass. But, if everything goes well I will have a couple days of down transferring 3K lbs of gear over to my new truck.

In other news, Angie volunteered for a special duty assignment to Keesler, AFB which is in Biloxi, MS. That is where her tech school is and she has always wanted to go back and be an instructor. It's really the perfect time in career to make a move like this, plus her Chief has already made a couple of phone calls. So, based on my 16yrs in the military, it's not a matter of if she will get selected but when.

I couldn't be more proud of her and happy for her. She has already been searching for rentals and giving me all the details. Ya think she may be a little excited???

It's awesome though and even better is that her housing allowance goes up $300 yet we can rent way more down there for what we are paying now.

So, a lot of exciting things and changes on the horizon in the 'ol Everson household.

For those wondering how this will affect me and my current profession, well it doesn't really. I will still be based out of Gary, IN. The only thing I will have to do is get a MS CDL as Swift requires that your mailing address match your license.

Will keep everyone abreast of the situation once hard copy orders are in her hand.. I said breast.. Boobies Make Me Smile!!! LOL

I would ramble on some more but have been up since 2am and my brain is mush. Wait, it's always mush so I guess it's mushier than normal. 🙂

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