Read this shit….


One thing that amazes me is that if you have a 14,000lb GVWR and no sleeper you are exempt. Ok, wouldn't your ass be in a hotel room than?

Here's an idea for all the jackass politicians out there.. Pull your heads outta your ass. What sense does it make that if you have a sleeper you aren't allowed to idle?

So here is another state that has no damn clue and wants to hug some trees.

I know I have went over this before, but truckers are federally mandated to take a 10hr break everyday. You ever sat in your car on a hot day with it off? How long did it take you to turn it on so you were comfortable? So now we are supposed to try and sleep like that or get fined 500 bucks.

The last time I talked about idling, Mikey replied and brought up a good point; What about all the police cars in these cities idling? What about all of the Air Force Security Forces vehicles that idle all the time so they stay cool or warm? I could go on and on…

I think I may need to pony up the $25 membership and become part of the OOIDA (Google that)..

Here's something to think about and apparently all of these tree huggin dumbasses don't. Do you really want people driving 80K lbs tractor trailers unrested? Or would you rather they get a good nights rest so they make their delivery safely and no one gets hurt? Seems like common sense to me, but than again when people get elected they apparently lose their fuckin mind.

So, this will be interesting….

Well, time to get out my truck stop book and bump it against the cities listed in the article and cross them off. Hopefully other truckers do the same. Than all of these city council pin heads will be wondering why they are losing revenue.

That is all…

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