File this under BULLSHIT

Read this first:

Here's the deal. The Gov. Finally signed the bill getting rid of split speeds a couple of days ago. So now trucks can finally go 65 just like cars in Illinois. But wait… It doesn't go into effect until 1 Jan 2010.

So now as you read in that article, he signs a bill to increase idling fines for trucks that goes into effect immediately. WTF???

Here's my beef. When we are on the road, the truck is our house. Federal law mandates we take a 10 hour break after driving 11hrs. Now, in order to get good sleep on hot summer nights/days we HAVE to idle so we don't cook in our sleep. Personally, I try to have a 0.00% over idle, but sometimes that isn't possible. If we are over a certain percentage, we get nasty messages from Swift over the Qualcomm and can get written up.

Anyway, I wonder if the governor turns off the power to his house at night to save electricity, which in turn, saves on pollution from power plants.

Today's trucks burn cleaner than most cars. Yet there isn't an idling law for cars. Hell, fire that baby up and let it run all night.

Ya wanna know what this bullshit law is really all about? It's easy ass money for the state because they are fuggin BROKE. So, target truckers since we can't get them for speeding as easily now.

Go to any truck stop in Chicago or East St Louis and just park there for an hour or so. Count how many cops roll through the truck parking in that hour. The assholes in East St Louis roll all the time. While your parked though, be sure to leave your car running so you stay cool cuz you can. 🙂

My final thought on the matter is kiss my ass and prove that I was idling more than the allotted time. Because I am pretty sure there are better things the cops in Chicago and East St Louis could be doing..

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