People Piss Me Off

Yeah..Yeah.. I know it's better than being pissed on. Well, I guess it depends on what your into but that is a whole nother discussion.

Now, when you see construction zone signs and a big electronic board that says right lane closed 2 1/2 miles ahead what do you do?

Let me tell ya what most of the jackasses out there do… They see all the other traffic moving over, but they think they are special and stay in the right lane and race up to where it merges and than cut over. God forbid if they get stuck behind a truck and are forced to go the speed limit.

Today, there is an asshole in a green Honda Civic that is real lucky a truck weighing 76,840 lbs traveling 55 miles an hour can't accelerate easily. Oh, believe me, I tried too.

Here's what happened. There is a truck in front of me and nothing but cars behind. We are all in the left lane like the previous 5-7 signs told us to do. Now, I am following the truck in front of me fairly close. About a 4 second gap. I approached the barricades I see this car racing up beside me. This frickin genius wants to get in front of me.

I did all I could to accelerate and make him have to slam on his breaks, but just couldn't get enough steam quickly enough. Although it was close. 😉

Now, anyone wanna take a guess at what he did next? The nut sack proceeded to throw his arm out the window and flip me off. So now I'm the asshole, yet he was the only car in the right lane.

Moving on, since I am on a roll… Could ya'll do me a favor when you see a truck turn on their turn signal? Either shit or get off the pot. Do not sit there on the side and wonder what we wanna do. Let me give ya a little hint. Apply some pressure to that little pedal on the right. That will allow you to travel just a little faster and get around us.

Bottom line is pay attention to trucks.

Oh, and if you have to wear a helmet and can't multi-task how a bout ya get off the friggin phone and pay attention to what the hell is going on around you.

Finally, if you are behind a truck at a stop light and they are turning right, but you think you can squeeze between the truck and the curb, let me tell ya something. You my friend should not be allowed to reproduce. Do ya notice all the signs on trailers that say CAUTION THIS VEHICLE MAKES WIDE TURNS. Now, if you just wanna have your front end taken off, than that's the best way to do it.

Well, that's all for now. Gotta hit the head and close out the log book for today.

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