Angie reminded me tonight that I hadn't blogged in awhile. Not sure if she really likes reading them or if she would rather me get my frustrations out before talking on the phone. 🙂

Things are going good and I have been running my sphincter off. That's a good thing though. I think it was last week that I did 3K miles in 6 days. I really can't remember as the days fly by so fast.

Yesterday was extremely frustrating though. I unloaded in Haggerstown, MD at the Lowe's Flatbed DC. On the way there I e mailed Tonn to let her know about my hrs and if she could look for something that I could pick-up, but didn't deliver till Monday. That way I wouldn't get stuck in Maryland for 4 days doing a 34 and than not getting a load on the weekend.

Anywho… I was sent to York, PA to get a load of wood panels headed to Rochelle, IL with a Monday delivery. SWEET! The plan was to have me t-call it in Gary and than get a van load to take to the East St louis drop yard so I could do my home time. Notice I said WAS.

When I got my paperwork while getting loaded, they said I was getting 46,800 lbs. To which I asked how many people they have coming back that are overweight. I was told that no one comes back being overweight. Ok, whatever..

Well, York doesn't have a place to scale. I decided to scale where I was stopping for the night in Breesewood, PA 100 miles away. Let's just say it's a good thing I did. See, there are no scales on the turnpike in PA. They just count axles. However, I would have been shut down at the Ohio border. Ohio weighs you as you go thru the toll booth. If you're overweight, you get a red light and a nice visit from a uniformed office that is just itchin to give you a full rectal exam.

Here's the deal. I was legal on all axles, but my gross was 81,560. I can only be 80K.

This morning I headed back to York and had them remove 6 bundles off the front of the trailer. I had them take it off the front for two reasons. 1) I only had about 500lbs to play with on the drives and 2) I only had to undo and adjust one tarp and I am all about the KISS principal.

My theory worked though. I am now about 4,500 lbs lighter on the drives. Still have 37K on the trailer though, but that's fine. Pulls better that way and more importantly I am legal. Just under 78K.

Oh, the other day I passed a bus load of kids and of course they wanted me to blow the air horn. So, I reach up to pull the cord and not a damn thing happens. All I hear is a puff of air. What the hell?

As I was getting loaded yesterday I investigated a little deeper as to why the air horn wasn't working. I was surprised to find out that the back of the horn was melted. How the hell does that happen you ask? Well, on this truck the air horn is located under the driver just above the fuel tank. Directly behind the horn is the flexible exhaust hose that connects the DPF to the stacks. What I found was that hose was broke, thus meaning part of the exhaust was going right under the cab. Upon further investigation, the other side was broke to.

So, after I got the load fixed this morning I called On-Road and got authorization to stop at the Petro in Carlisle, PA to get it fixed. Carlise was the closest truck stop that did repairs about 25 miles away.

Needless to say what I thought was going to be a quick fix took about 4 hrs. The connections were rusted together and they had issues separating the pipes. However, the two connections are now replaced. But guess what? There is another pipe that is similar that comes off the straight pipe from the turbo and connects to the inlet of the DPF that is broken as well. This is a Freighliner specific part that they didn't have.

I messaged back to the Gary terminal though and gave them the part number. They sent the shop guy to head to Freightliner to get that part as well as the horn. So, I will get those fixed when I get to Gary on Sunday.

Once that was completed I got the truck washed again. She is all purdy again! Which means it will rain in western PA and eastern OH tomorrow. It never fails.

I am still T-calling this in Gary. I let them know I would be there first thing Sunday instead of Saturday and was told it was ok. I was also told I would be moved to vans when I got there. Sucks, but I will pull a wagon full of dog shit if it gets me home.

I think that's about it. Hopefully it all made sense. 🙂

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