Read this shit....http://www.landlinemag.com/todays_news/Daily/2009/Sept09/083109/083109-03.htmOne thing that amazes me is that if you have a 14,000lb GVWR and no sleeper you are exempt. Ok, wouldn't your ass be in a hotel room than?Here's an idea for all the jackass politicians out there.. Pull your heads outta your ass. What sense does it make that if you have … Continue reading Un-fuggin-believable

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Read this first: http://www.landlinemag.com/todays_news/Daily/2009/Aug09/081709/081909-01.htm Here's the deal. The Gov. Finally signed the bill getting rid of split speeds a couple of days ago. So now trucks can finally go 65 just like cars in Illinois. But wait... It doesn't go into effect until 1 Jan 2010. So now as you read in that article, he … Continue reading File this under BULLSHIT


Take a gander at this article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32318456/ns/world_news-mideastn_africaI would think the Iraqi government would have more things to worry about than smoking in public places. Hell, two truck bombs just went of in Mosul and a couple other attacks happened in Baghdad.Here's a thought Iraqi Government; How about you concern yourselves with who is doing the … Continue reading Seriously??