Frustrating Day

I should be about 100 miles outside Chicago right now, but I am still in Covington, VA.

The load I have is paper rolls for Westvaco. Total weight is 45K lbs. I didn't think anything of it when I accepted the pre-plan.

I quickly learned though that I was screwed. I scaled 4 times and was still overweight on the drives and trailer. Not by just a little either. 2K on each. My gross is 79,980. About as close to the allotted 80K I am allowed.

So, I messaged Tonn and two hrs later she got a reply from the CSR telling me to go back to the shipper to have the load re-worked. Since this is just a trailer yard, they sent me 5 miles down the road.

The guys there assured me they would position the rolls to make me legal. 20 min later I was back at the scale. Another 10 bucks and a free re-weigh and I am still 900lbs over on the drives n trailer.

At this point I am really pissed. I messaged Tonn again and she got with the CSR and planner again. Final verdict is the shipper has to re-do the load and take a roll off. Each roll is 3,750lbs, so that should work. However, I am out of hrs for the day so this will happen bright and early in the morning. I don't have to be in Chicago till the 29th though. So, I have plenty of time, just frustrating.

$30 in scale tickets today is still cheaper than an overweight ticket. 🙂

The lesson I learned today was that I don't accept van loads that are over 42,500 lbs. Tonn said she was partly to blame though as she should have caught that before I accepted it.

Since I am in the mountains of VA, I don't get TV reception. I do have the first two seasons of NCIS though and have two episodes left on the first season.

Other than that, things are going good. This load will give me over 2,500 miles for the week again, so I can't complain at all.

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