I have a Marine with me now

I have to take a load of Sunny-D to a Sams Club distribution center this morning. The way the fuel lanes are here at the New Boston Terminal, you have to leave the gate and do a u-turn to come back thru the fuel island. GAY, I know.

However, this morning as I was fueling I did my normal walk around. I see this round thing on the ground next to the curb. Curiosity got the best of me as it was a perfect circle, so I ran my foot across it to maybe get a better idea of what it was. I realized it was a rubber bracelet. My curiosity is still curious at this point so I picked it up to see what message it had on it. This is where my heart sank a bit.

The bracelet is a desert camo pattern and has this embossed on it; " LCpl Troy D Nealey 10-29-06"

I instantly got pissed. Here is a young man that gave his life for this country and someone didn't have the common courtesy to keep track of the bracelet or to take care of it.

So, as I am still fueling I take a look to the sky, say a little prayer, and get a bottle of water out of the truck to clean it off.

After I cleaned it off, I realized that this young man was in Iraq the same time I was.

If you want to get even more weirded out, my brother was a Marine and his name is Troy…

Needless to say, the bracelet is proudly displayed on my wrist.

May you rest in peace LCpl Troy D Nealey! I didn't know you, but you will not be forgotten! Semper Fi Marine!!!

Ok, gotta go. Getting all choked up now. To the two young men that gave their life on Jan 5th, 2006 on the convoy to Taji. Even though I never knew your names, I want you to know I will never forget about you either!

God Bless each and every one of you and God Bless America!!!!

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