Been Awhile

I realize I haven't updated in awhile, but there are two reasons for that. First they have been keeping my ass busy (which is good) and second, I am usually whooped when I stop for the night.

I unloaded this morning in Brownsville, TX and have been sitting all day. I just got a pre-plan at 1800, but my 14 ended at 1815 which means I can't do anything till I take my 10hr break. So, I will get up at 0400 or 0415, do my pre-trip at 0430 and be rollin at 0500.

I have to go to the Laredo terminal and pick-up a van load. I guess flat bed freight is low out of there right now. But, it is bound for Concord, Ontario. However, I am t-calling it at the New Boston, MI terminal and someone else will take it across the border. Yeah, it's a van load but it will be over 1700 miles! :). I don't have to be in New Boston until the 18th, so I am going to see where Swift routes me than go through St Louis anyway. That is my plan anyway and my fingers are crossed it works.

The only thing I am worried about at this particular moment is there is no weight in the pre-plan. My fingers are crossed it's not to heavy and that I can scale out.

Other than that, I finally got me a TV so the down time isn't as bad as it was. Only had it a couple of days, but every night I have stopped I am able to get about 20 digital channels. They come in crystal clear too. A lot better than the way the old analog broadcast would come in. It has a built in DVD player as well so I picked up the first season of NCIS. Love that show!!!

Oh, I don't think I updated on Angie's experience. I think she was bored most of the time, but really enjoyed it. She even got her hands dirty!! Yup, she just jumped right in one day and started helping me put away my gear. Although, when we were done, I believe she said she would never make it doing this and now knows why I love it. She did awesome though. Even tightened down a couple of straps. Well, as much as she could. 🙂 Anyway, it was really awesome to have her on the truck and I believe she was overwhelmed at times with everything I have to do.

I think the best was when we got a pre-plan to go to Davenport, IA for a load. She asked where we were going, grabbed the map, asked how many hours I had left, and figured out the route and where we were stopping for the night.

The second best was her doubting the number of chains I had on the front end loader we picked up. That was a quick discussion though as I started throwing weight ratings and numbers at her. The glazed look crossed her eyes and I realized that math in public is not her strong suit. I eventually broke it down for her though and she felt better. However, I don't think she appreciated me hitting every whole in the dirt parking lot on the way out. She starred in the mirror the whole time and asked if that was really necessary, or something like that. I said yes ma'am, and you just keep watching. Once we got to level ground I asked if she saw the loader move or the chains flex. She said no. Well, we are good-to-go than. However, she was still a little nervous but managed to crack a smile.

Bottom line is it was an awesome week with her on the truck and can't wait till we can do it again!

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