Chillin in Cedar Rapids

We have about 3 hrs to drive tomorrow to Forest City. I say WE because Angie is with me for a few days. I have home time scheduled for the 10th so should be home than. Her leave ends on the 12th.

I had to laugh this afternoon after we picked up the trailer from the East St Louis drop yard. We went across the street to get some sodas and snacks. Well, instead of parking I just pulled through the fuel isle. Angie wasn't even out of the truck fully and you could hear the jaws dropping and hitting the pavement. I just happened to look over to the fuel isle and I think every dude stopped what they were doing to stare.

Angie looked at me and said that some of the guys give her the creeps. I told her she better get used to it because that's what it's like at a truck stop.

I think she is having a good time though. Well, she says she is anyway, but she did look pretty bored at times. Hell, I think she did 25 word finds today. LOL

I told her we were getting up at 6 and rollin by 7. She said well, I will get up to pee and than I am going back to bed. The only reason I am getting up to do that is so I don't wake up when we are in the middle of nowhere and have to go. LOL

She only got scared a couple of times today. I can't remember what the first one was over, but the second one was when I backed into the parking spot when we parked for the night. She was watching out the mirror and when she couldn't see the truck on her side she got nervous. 🙂

That's about all for now. I know I haven't updated in awhile, but I have been runnin my ass off. Which is good, so I'm not complaining at all!!!

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