What a Week

The last time I wrote, I was headed to the house for a couple of days before delivering in Iowa on the 22nd…

I ended up at the Freightliner dealer in Dubuque, IA after I unloaded. Same issue as before with the check engine light. There were bad main wires going into the ECM. Got those replaced and was good to go.

The 23rd I headed to Gary, IN to get my B-Service done.

I got a pre-plan on the 24th to pick-up a coil in New Carlisle, IN. I delivered to Georgetown, KY at 0030 on the 25th and was lucky enough to find a parking spot at the Pilot just down the road.

The next morning (25th) I got a pre-plan to pick-up a coil in Middletown, OH. I delivered that one to Spartanburg, SC yesterday. On my way to Spartanburg I was sent my next load.

As soon as I unloaded I headed to Huger, SC for yet another coil. This is the biggest one I have had. 45,300lbs. I am delivering this one to Baltimore on the 29th, than heading straight back to Huger, SC empty.

Needless to say since the 22nd I traveled 2,200 miles. I think I am starting to feel it too.

Every time I load or unload, it has to be 800 degrees outside. So, you can imagine by the time I am done it looks like I just got out of a pool. It's all good though. Still beats slammin doors.

Angie filled out and faxed in the rider packet Friday and was approved by Risk Management. She took leave the next two weeks and is hopefully gonna be on the truck for one of those. My DM, Tonn, said she is going to do everything she can to get me something through St Louis after this load so I can pick her up. Than I have home time scheduled for July 10th and 11th.

Since I don't have to deliver until 1500 in Baltimore on Monday, I stopped in Chester, VA. It was my fuel stop, plus it gave me another shower on my Pilot card. So, I am hanging here until Monday. There are two truck stops in Maryland, but the charge to park.

I will knock out a 34hr restart here though and than leave at 0300 Monday morning and arrive at my delivery location at 0600 (well 0700 their time). My delivery window is 0700-1500. However, I will miss all that traffic getting there. Hell, I may leave at 0200 now that I think about it. Either way, I will have to fight DC traffic on the way back, but at least I won't have 45K lbs on the trailer.

I don't have a TV in the truck yet, so I think I will knock out some laundry tomorrow. Than if it's not to hot out I may detail the truck up a bit. I got it washed in Gary while I was there and than picked up some chrome polish. I got all the crap off the stack heat guards and did the front wheels too. It was to damn hot to tackle the drive wheels. 3 hrs of polishing chrome was enough for one day. As usual when I was a vehicle, it's rained every day since than. It doesn't look to bad though, just needs a little sprucing up.

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