Been sittin all day, but have a pre-plan

I unloaded right when they opened this morning. Ran past the Pilot to scan the BOL so I get paid and than came back to the same truck stop I was at last night. Pilot was still packed.

My DM sent me a message around 4 asking what I was willing to do. She had been bugging the planner to get me home all day, but she didn't get a reply back. She went on to say she wants me to get near Gary so she can send me home!!

I replied and said I am willing to do whatever you need me to, and than I get a pre-plan.

I am picking up steel beams in Huger, SC and delivering to Dubuque, IA. Two problems though. 1) I have a step deck and if the beams are what I think they are, it won't work. I will have to much overhang. 2) I need 8 pieces of dunnage.

Problem #2 is an easy fix. My DM put $50 on my COMDATA card to go buy some. I'll hit a Lowe's on the way.

Problem #1 is a more of a PITA. I am going to go 89 miles out of my way and swing past the terminal in Greer, SC. That is another flat bed terminal. Hopefully they have an empty skateboard I can snag. Plus while I am there, I will see if there is any dunnage laying around.

So, in order to make all of this happen and make my PU appointment on time I have to leave Charlotte at 0230, which is 0330 here.

**Not sure if I ever explained the time thing or not, so here it goes. Since I am based out of Gary, IN (Central Time), that is what I log. My clock in the truck never changes. I just need to keep in mind where I am or where I am going to in order to make it on time. **

One other thing that has me a little nervous is according to the load assignment, I am picking up 46,800 lbs. On the plus side I will have between 1/2 and 3/4 in fuel. I should be able to pull that though as a skateboard is almost 3K lbs less than a step deck. They have a scale house at this shipper as well, but not sure if they do axle weight or not. Guess I will find out though.

Angie has been helping me plan my route since she got off work. I probably frustrate the hell out of her sometimes, but she is so awesome!! I believe she even has MapQuest as one of her tabs now. 🙂

Well, I guess I should go get some food. I need to see if this place cashes COMCHECKS too. If not I will just have to stop at a Pilot on the way. Could stop at a Love's or TA too, but Pilot's hot dogs are better. 🙂

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