Seriously Dude?!?

I am at the TA in Denmark, TN. It's about an hour east of Memphis. I am here until Sunday and than head to Rockport, IN again to get loaded Monday morning. I am staying here till Sunday for two reasons; 1) There isn't a major truck stop in Rockport and 2) I will have a 34hr restart by leaving Sunday. That way I don't have to do it in Laredo. I was given a dead head trip # to head to Rockport, and was told I will get lay over pay for Sat and Sun. Hey, works for me!

Now to make the subject of this make sense;

I went in and got some hot dogs earlier this afternoon. When I was walking across the parking lot I had this feeling someone was following me. Instead of turning around I used the big ass chrome bumper on the truck in front of me as a mirror. I thought to my self great, some jackass walking the parking lot asking for money.

So, I get in the truck and put my dogs on the table. I reached up to start the truck because it was hot as balls here today. Than it happened.. A knock on the door. I looked out the window and shook my head. He motioned just a second. I roll down my window and say, "What!?!"

He proceeds to give some story of how him and his wife ran out of gas at the exit and he needs gas money. He went on to say that he would polish two wheels for 5 bucks, and that he had some good polish. Not only that, but if I didn't like the job I didn't have to pay. Seriously dude?!? You ran out of gas but conveniently have a backpack with supplies to polish wheels. I said no thanks.

At that point he had the option to leave but didn't. That means I now have the option to be an ass, and I was. He said well do you have any change? I looked at him and said NO, I don't carry cash on me, can I eat my food now?

He said damn man, ya don't have to be so rude. Yeah, and your ass probably has more money than I do and don't need to be begging. I didn't say that, but I should have. However, I like having all my tires inflated when I wake up.

Just a few minutes ago I had just got done talking to Ang and was getting ready for bed. I was pulling my shades when there is a knock at the door. WTF? Some big 'ol black dude.

I roll down the window and before I could even say anything he goes into his speal.. He and his family ran out of gas on the interstate and need to get back to Oklahoma. He added that his wife and kids are still in the vehicle sitting on the side of the road. He too wanted to know if I could spare a few bucks.

I looked at him and actually chuckled. Seriously Dude?!? You ran out of gas and need to get back to Oklahoma? Seems to me like you didn't plan your trip very well. He started to justify, and I cut him off.

Dude, I don't have any cash on me. Than this jackass asked the same thing… Do you have any change? At this point, i'm frustrated. I looked at him and said what did you not just understand? I don't have ANY cash. Thus, I have no change.

He just turned around and walked over to a truck where the dude was just backing in. He stood there and waited until he was parked. The guy no more than pulls the brakes and this guy is at his door. Holy hell, it's a good thing that wasn't me.

The last thing I want is some asshole begging for money after a day of driving.

Some will read this and think I'm a jerk, an asshole, a prick, an insensitive bastard, etc… You would be correct!! But guess what? I have been called worse and didn't even lose any sleep.

If they were legitimately broken down and needed help or something, well that's a different story. But don't come up to my truck feeding me a line of shit. That is nothing different than someone ringing your doorbell and feeding you the same line of crap. Besides, your piss poor travel planning is your problem, not mine.

We were warned about this crap in orientation though, so I am not surprised. People have this pre-conceived notion that truckers have a lot o cash..

Thinking back on the first dude, I should have made him a deal on all 6 wheels for 10 bucks and if I don't like the job I'm not paying. Anyone that knows me knows I would have found something wrong with the job as anal as I am. Probably better I didn't though. I am only an hour away from Memphis and I don't need his posse showin up.

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