I Won a Contest!!!!!

Sure is a good thing I decided to check my Hotmail from my computer to clean out the Junk folder. For some reason I actually glanced through them before just selecting all and deleting.

Well, one of the emails was this:



Thank you for entering our Photo Contest on Bed In A Box truckers site. We are happy to tell you that you are one of the winners of our Coolmax Memory Foam mattress for the month of May. Please contact me by email with your mattress size and the shipping address.

We would also like to ask you to take a picture of you and your truck, or you with the mattress in your truck to put on our NEW website, aptly named http://www.sleepdogmattress.com/.

Also, after you have slept on it for a week or so it would be great if you would submit a testimonial for us to put on this site.

Please email all information to me at Lisa@Sleepdogmattress.com

Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again and Congratulations!


When I was home for those 4 days I was just seeing how much a better mattress would be than saw the link on their site that said enter to win. I clicked on it, registered, and submitted 3 random photos from Iraq. 🙂

So, I will be the proud owner of a $400 memory foam mattress (that’s the price of the size I need).

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