Another day, another Freightliner dealer

Before I get into the whole dealer thing, I need to toot my own horn for a bit. I normally don't like doing that, but to me, this was awesome.

I was headed south on 55 and I heard a couple of guys talking on the CB. The one was talking about how he had been driving for 26 years and the company he is with sucks.

Anyway, I knew they were behind me. The first guy eventually passes me, and than the second. I hear on the CB, "Hey Swift, this is the gordon truck that just passed ya, ya got it on?". So I answered him and he asked if my trailer was pre-loaded. I said nope, it was empty and I told them where to put the coils, chained them, and tarped the load.

He came back and said well that is a damn fine job young man. As I was passing you I was thinking this has to be an old veteran with that tarp job, and than I see it's just a kid. You should be proud of that and you have some damn fine work ethic. Keep it up and hopefully those listening will take a look when they see you and change how they are. We need more guys out here like you!

Of course I was just cheesin, but thanked him and said that part of it was my 16yrs in the military. Than he said, well I am glad you made it back safely and again, damn fine job young man. I said thank ya sir, you have a safe trip.

Now for the truck. I left the Freightliner dealer in Troy, IL yesterday. They said some plug was screwed up, so they replaced it. Well, I get 159 miles down the road and the check engine light comes on. At 350 miles the DPF light comes on, and 450 miles it started blinking.

I called on-road when the check engine light came on and I spoke with the same lady that I did the day before. She wanted to get me to a Detroit Diesel dealer, but one wasn't close. I told her I was stopping in Texarkana for the night, so she told me just to take it to the dealer there. Than she proceeded to tell me that they have had issues with the doser valve on the 08s. After some reading last night, I discovered that the doser valve let's fuel into the dpf filter in order to burn off the soot/ash. Well if the doser valve isn't working properly, the regen process isn't doing what it is supposed to. Made complete sense to me and would explain why it needs to be regened so much.

Long story short, I told the dealer here all of that. The lights are still on as well. If they don't get it fixed, the lady I spoke with at on-road said she is going to get the Detroit Diesel rep from Phoenix involved because she said there is no reason I should be having this many problems..

On the plus side, they have some comfortable ass recliners here in the driver's lounge and sodas are 50 cents. 🙂

I just hope they can get me outta here sometime today. I need to be in Laredo by Wednesday at midnight in order for this load to go on this pay period. I was supposed to be there at 0800 this morning.

Stand by for further..

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