Planners piss me off

So that load going to Chicago right, well the planner knew I was not going to make it there for the original delivery time of 1000 on the 4th. I told him I would be there by noon on the 5th. Which I would have been had i not had to regen my truck twice which took two hours both times. I send in my late macro like I am supposed to and this jackass sends a message back telling me to arrive by noon. Well, I send one back and say unless you can make this truck do 80mph, it’s not gonna happen. Than I called my DM to let her know and asked if she could call the dude to get him off my ass.

I changed the time to 1500 and was there and unloaded by 1445. I get a message from that jackass riding my ass saying GOOD JOB!!!.. WTF ever is what I was thinking.

Anyway, I no more than send my empty call and I get another pre-plan going back to Laredo!! SCORE!!!! Two Laredo runs in the same pay period!!! Before I get to that though, I need to tell you about the Iraq flashback I had on the trip from Laredo to Chicago.

I can’t remember where it was exactly, but this other truck passes me. Well, I let him know he is clear to come over. He’s about 75 yrds ahead of me at this point and pulling away obviously. As he starts to move over, I see this puff of smoke, hear this loud boom, and see debris fly. He blew both rear tires on the passenger side of his trailer. Anyone wanna take a stab at what I thought it was at first? My heart sank and skipped a couple of beats and I had this sick feeling. It looked and sounded exactly like the two roadside bombs I encountered on my convoys in Iraq. Once I realized it was just his tires, I was good, but it was that initial “holy shit” that got me. That’s the first time that has happened since I’ve been back and I am glad it only lasted a few moments. Than I started thinking about those guys that died that day we didn’t make it to Taji. I said a little prayer for their families and than Angie called to see if I was OK since I had messaged her to let her know.

Anyway, back to the here and now… I had to load in Sawyer MI, which was 75 miles from where I unloaded. I put the address in Mater (that’s my TomTom’s name) and away I went. I arrived around 1730 and by the time I stopped screwing with my tarp it was 2100. I hate being a perfectionist sometimes. That meant I was out of hours and would have to stay in Sawyer. Lucky for me, there was a TA a block away. I headed over there and they had a ton of parking open spots, but I scaled first. I really wouldn’t have had to, but I wanted to make sure I had them load the trailer right. The coils are 21K a piece and they have to be separated at least 12 inches. So, I set one 12 inches ahead of center and the other 12 inches behind center. I knew I wouldn’t be over on the trailer as I can have 40K on a spread axle. I mainly just wanted to check to make sure my steers and drives were good as I was full of fuel. I am happy to report that I did good. I am 11,040 on the drives, 29,620 on the drives, and 32,560 on the trailer. Total weight is 73,220. Now that I have gone down the road a bit, I could have really moved them both forward a ways. Although it’s not pulling to bad and just floats over the bumps now, so it’s all good.

I am typing this from a little gas station in Pontiac, IL and I am tapped into the Holiday Inn Express wireless connection. 🙂 My regen light started flashing again, which means the Diesel Particulate Filter is full. So, I am once again doing that. However, I called On Road and let them know that I am stopping in East St. Louis for the night. I went on to tell them what my issue was and asked if I could take it to the Freightliner dealer in Troy, IL to get it fixed. Sooooooo, they gave me a reference number and were going to call the dealer to let them know I would be coming in tonight!!! Not only will my truck get fixed, and i use that term loosely, but I will get to spend the time at home instead of a hotel. 🙂 Pretty crafty of me huh? Yup, even this dumbass has a good one every now and than.

If things with this regen go like they have the past two days, I got about 45 minutes left and I will be on the road again. I have 193 miles to East St Louis, but really only about 183 since I am stopping Troy. The Illinois troopers are not out like they usually are today, so I have been running good. 60 in a 55, but still getting passed by trucks. I just keep the CB turned up and my eyes peeled. 😉

Anyway, I guess I better wrap this novel up. Gonna take advantage of the Internet connection and update the TomTom.

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