Still sittin in Laredo

Not because of freight though. Because of the slow ass Mexican mechanics here. Yeah, I said it… SLOW ASS MEXICANS!!! I was told the afternoon I got here that my truck would be in at 0900 on Monday. Guess what? It still isn’t in and all they need to do is hook up the damn laptop to it and check the code that is causing the check engine light. Than they need to keep it connected and check what the speed limiter is at because my GPS is only showing 61 mph. I got passed by two Swift company trucks on the way down here and that shit shouldn’t happen. I asked them and they said they were showing 63 and 62.

The good news is that I have discovered there is wireless Internet in the driver’s lounge. Never knew that and didn’t even think about it yesterday. But, I needed to charge my laptop so I figured I would hang out in here awhile to get outta the truck. Once the laptop started up it discovered a network. I had to go get a password to get on, but other than that no issues.

Anyway, I have no clue when my truck is gonna get in. I was 10th in line last night and this morning I was 8th. So, the night shift got a whole two trucks in the bay. Probably because they stood around with their thumbs up their ass most of the night. Ok, actually they stood around talking all night and it took 4 of them to fix the engine on a refer. It almost looked like the state highway dept. One dude working and three standing around pointing and looking important.

I also started reading a book yesterday. By Order of the President by W.E.B. Griffin. It’s an awesome book and I actually read it before, but reading it again because he has two other books out in this series. It’s the first in a series of military novels set against the backdrop of the modern war against terror.

Well, I guess I will go check on the truck or at least see what number I am now. Hell, if they would give me the laptop I would do it myself. I already changed out the air lines that attached to the trailer yesterday because I was bored. LOL

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