I had a trip and now I don’t…

As soon as my truck came out of the shop I got a pre-plan. Taking a load from here to Mitsubishi Electric in Chicago! SCORE!!!!!! However, it had a delivery date of the 4th at 1000. Even if I left when I got the plan I wouldn’t have made it. So, I talked with the guys here and I have to talk to Enrique tomorrow when he comes in. He’s the flatbed dude here. In the meantime, they took the load off of me, but it’s still here and not going anywhere overnight.

I am hoping tomorrow that they will just move the delivery date to the 5th and I will be off to Chicago.. with a stop by the hizzy for a 10 hr break..

Now, for the truck. I got in it and the check engine light is still on. So, I go back to the service desk and let the guy know that they didn’t clear it and he tells me that’s because it’s not fixed. They don’t have the part here, so they are letting me ride like that until I can get to another terminal. WTF?? I asked what was wrong with it and he tells me that the mechanic didn’t really say, but he is on break right now and will find out later. SERIOUSLY??? After some polite bitching, he went and found the mechanic and it’s the mass air flow sensor. Nothing that poses a safety risk, so I am pressing on.

I think I may conveniently break down near a Freightliner dealer when I have time to spare if I don’t get to a competent terminal before that. 🙂

Anywho, just doing some laundry now and making sure I am ready to go first thing in the morning. Enrique gets in at 0800 so I will be waiting about 0730 for him to show. Fingers are crossed that I will be headed north shortly after that. I would love to stay in this freight lane. Not only because I can do my 10 hr break at the hizzy, but because it’s 1300 miles a trip. 🙂

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