What a Week

The last time I wrote, I was headed to the house for a couple of days before delivering in Iowa on the 22nd...I ended up at the Freightliner dealer in Dubuque, IA after I unloaded. Same issue as before with the check engine light. There were bad main wires going into the ECM. Got those … Continue reading What a Week

It’s confirmed yet again…I’m a dumbass

I got up at 0145 this morning and headed 90 miles out of my way to Greer, SC to look for an available skateboard. I was able to find one and was back on the road headed to Huger, SC in 30 min.So glad I decided to do that too as when I got to … Continue reading It’s confirmed yet again…I’m a dumbass

I Won a Contest!!!!!

Sure is a good thing I decided to check my Hotmail from my computer to clean out the Junk folder. For some reason I actually glanced through them before just selecting all and deleting.Well, one of the emails was this:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ty,Thank you for entering our Photo Contest on Bed In A Box truckers site. We are … Continue reading I Won a Contest!!!!!

In Texarkana for the night

The truck won't be done until tomorrow. They are replacing all the injectors, which they had to order. I am also getting a new DOC and DPF which are key components to the Aftertreatment System (ATS). I think said ATF earlier. OoopsHere is a link to understand it all more. http://www.detroitdiesel.com/emissions/epa2007/aftertreatment.aspxThe mechanic had a feeling … Continue reading In Texarkana for the night