Funny story and other crap

What a week… Made a wrong turn, check engine light came on again, and who the hell knows what else as my brain is mush. However I will do my best to get you updated.

I T-called the Wal-Mart load in Columbus, got two dashboard light replaced and performed a regen on the DPF.. At 2330 that night, I believe it was the 26th, I get a message to go look for trailer SC0006. Never seen a number like that, but away I went. I found a 006n but it was weird. It was a Roll Tite. Basically, a soft sided van trailer that the sides slid open. Pretty cool actually once I figured it out. So, I went back to the bobtail parking and completed my nightly routine.

The next morning at 0730 I got a pre-plan to go to Cedar Works in West Union, OH. Sounds like a big fancy place right? WRONG! It was a tiny little building in the middle of Amish country where the road was just big enough for me to drive right down the middle of it. The roads were like a bad friggin roller coaster I couldn't get off of. I am surprised I have any seat cushion left as my ass was gripping it pretty hard.

I get loaded with 364 cedar mailbox post headed for the Lowe's Flatbed Distribution Center in Brownsville, TN. Which, BTW, is who supplies the trash truck for the Lowe's I used to work at. Anywho, I digress… I strapped the bundles down and than slide the sides of the trailer. Easiest damn tarp job ever!! When I left the place I got mixed up with the directions the Amish dude gave me. Instead of going out the way I cam and than taking a right, I took a right out of Cedar Works..

Ok, if you have a beverage near you, take a drink now. Do not, I repeat, do not take a drink during reading this next part… You've been warned.

So I take a right out of Cedar Works, and immediately know I made a bad decision. This road was even narrower and had sharp ass turns. To make it even better, the road had a forest on either side. Don't get me wrong, very beautiful drive, just not in a truck with a 53 ft trailer. About 5 miles down the road I get to this little intersection (4 way stop). I decide to take a left to get me back to the main road. Bad decision number two.. I get about a mile down the road and see this sign that says COVERED bridge ahead. Are you friggin kidding me?? So I am praying there is a place to turn off. Oh hell no, and by now I have little Amish kids running along side the truck like dogs chasing a car. See, they knew exactly what was about to happen and wanted to see the show. Sure enough, I come around a turn and there it is.. The covered WOODEN bridge that is 11ft 1in high. SONOFABITCH you dumbass.. Yeah I said that out loud.

Here I am in the middle of the road figuring out what the hell to do now. There are houses on both sides of the road and a long driveway to one. Ok, I will just back into it and I will be good. Bullshit.. The road is to narrow and I almost took out the one guys mailboxes twice. By this time I have about 10 people watching the show. Hell, they even got outta their cars to watch. An older gentleman came out of his house and said son, pull back up to the bridge, and back up hugging my yard. Than pull forward and swing it into that driveway. Once you do that, back into my gravel parking area here and that will give you enough room to turn around. I looked at him and said, I'm not the first idiot to do this am I? He smiled and said nope, happens bout twice a week and you happen to be the first this week.

The first attempt didn't work out as planned. Took out a stop sign and damn near left them without electricity, but I saw it in time and stopped. Attempt number two went as planned. After I got turned around I thanked everyone and asked if they wanted me to report the stop sign. The guy laughed and said nope, it's kinda designed to break away like that for this very reason.

Ok, take some time to catch your breath and take a drink….

I delivered that load yesterday the 28th. I just had to drop the trailer. I was than sent to the Memphis terminal to find a skateboard. I get there and find a trailer, but the landing gear handle is broke. To make a long story short, I fixed it myself. Just like I told my DM.. You really don't need to know how I fixed it, just know it's fixed and legal. I'm no dummy.. See, I went over to one of the red tagged trailers and took the handle off it to fix my trailer. Well, it needs to go to the shop anyway, so now they can fix the handle too, and I have an operational trailer.

I immediately got a pre-plan to head to Rockford, IN to AK Steel. I headed out and went as far as I could and parked for the night. I arrived at AK Steel around 1145 this morning, scaled, got loaded, secured the load, and tarped it. I scaled out and hit the road at 1430. I have a 23K lb steel coil.

Right now I am in Steele, MO for the night. This load is headed to Mexico, which means I am going as far as the Laredo terminal and T-calling it. I've got 28 hrs left on my 70, so I will have to do a 34hr restart once I get there. It's all good as I need to have my truck looked at again. I have it narrowed down to the DPF filter. It's either that or a bad injector. However, engine performance is fine. But I did a regen again this afternoon and it took almost 40 minutes to complete. Once it was done and I got back on the interstate, the check engine light went off and has been off since than.

Well, my fingers hurt and I am cranky and tired. Next update will be from Laredo!

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