New Endorsement

Before I get to the new endorsement, let me update ya’ll on the Anheuser Busch load;

I left the house around 2000 to go pick the load up from our secure yard in East St Louis and got to the delivery address at 2130. I check in and the guy tells me what bay to back up to. I take the paperwork in, and the guy inside tells me as of last week, they no longer unload bottle caps there and I needed to go downstairs to unload. Huh? So he gives me half-ass directions and I end up at another security guard shack, which was the wrong one so I had to turn around. At least he was nice enough to give me decent directions to where I had to go.

So, I get all backed up to the dock and I’m all proud as it didn’t take me forever and I am lined up perfectly. I take the paperwork in and the guy standing there is smiling and says he will be happy to unload me, but there is a problem… Guess what this dumb ass didn’t do? Yeah, it would help to open the friggin trailer doors before backing up to the dock.. We had a good laugh out of it though and the guy said hey, don’t feel bad. I have seen far worse than that. At least this is funny and nothing got damaged…. True that!!!

This morning I woke up when Angie did, tried to go back to sleep for a bit but that didn’t work. I decided to get up and shave my melon and than I got this idea to go to the DMV. See, the past two weeks there has been a message come over the Qualcomm looking for anyone with a tanker endorsement that would be willing to do a round trip from Chicago to Atlanta. Well, up until this morning all I could do is view the message so the Qualcomm would shut-up. I braved the mass cluster at the DMV this morning though. I got there before they opened so I was like 20th in line. Not to shabby. My number was called, paid my 5 bucks, took my test, and 30 min later I was out the door. 🙂

Since I didn’t get home till midnight, the earliest I can legally drive is 1000. I will be heading back to the East St Louis drop yard to get my next load. It’s supposed to deliver to a Wal-Mart distribution center in NY state on 1 June, but I am only taking it as far as the Columbus, OH Terminal. They call that a T-Call. So, I will be T-Calling the load in Columbus. All I know about this load is it’s a high-value load. I will obviously know more when I get the paperwork, but it is one of those loads that you never leave unattended, has to be locked, seals verified at every stop, etc.. It’s probably a load of TVs or something.

I want to take the time to thank Angie for an AWESOME 5 days! Well, I guess 4 technically, but whatever. It sure is hard to leave today, but if I don’t there will be no money. Of course there wasn’t any money this week due to my Illinois fine, but that won’t happen again. Anyway, I digress… Seriously, thank you Angie for an awesome weekend and being so strong and patient. I know this shit isn’t easy, but you are an inspiration to everyone. I love you Angie, and I hope you never forget that! You’re my best friend, my rock, my soul mate, and I couldn’t be more blessed! :*

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