My PTA was set for 0800 this morning and my phone hadn’t went off all day. At 1700 I looked at Angie and said, well, not going anywhere today… It wasn’t 5 minutes after I said that and my I got a text message. Before I could even check it, it went off again. Than the phone rings.. WTF??

The guy on the other end is a planner at the Edwardsville, KS terminal. He was calling because he needed my help. There is a load of beer that needs to be delivered to Anheuser Busch @ 2300 tonight. I guess the guy that has the load now called and asked if it could be delivered early and someone told him it could. He gets to AB and the security guard won’t let him in. Instead of saying ok and calling Phoenix or someone he proceeds to get into a verbal altercation with the security guard. DUMBASS… So now he is banned from their property.

Well, I just happen to be sitting 18 miles from St Louis so they call me and ask if I will deliver the load. There are no miles on it, so I am really just helping them out. However, they gave me a load that is sitting at the East St Louis drop yard right now that delivers in NY State on 1 June. But, I just have to take it to the Columbus Terminal (400+ miles).

When I went out to the truck to accept the pre-plan, I noticed that the beer load delivers TOMORROW at 2300, not tonight. So I called the guy back and he apologized as he read it wrong. I said I would still do it though and gave him the following plan of action:

I am going to pick up the beer load tomorrow night around 2100 and deliver it. Take the empty trailer to the East St Louis drop yard and come back home. Than I will leave tomorrow when Angie leaves for work to pick up the load I am taking to the Columbus Terminal. I asked the guy if that was ok, and he said it was cool with him.

I don’t mind that the beer load doesn’t have any miles as it got me back into the system, plus I have 2 more nights at home with my baby!!!! 🙂

The planner kept asking me if I mined doing it, and I said well, do you have anything else for me tomorrow? He said no, I don’t. Well, there ya have it than. I don’t mind at all.

Now if the rain delay would end in Charlotte, things would be super. I better get off this computer though. Supper is ready!!!!

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