Ahh… 3 days off!!!

I realize I am a couple days behind, so lemme try and catch ya’ll up.

I delivered in St James, MO on Wednesday morning and received a pre-plan to head to Jackson, MO. That trip was to pick-up an empty trailer and take it to the yard in St Louis. Apparently it wasn’t cleaned out, so I was swapping a clean trailer for a dirty one. As soon as I accepted that plan, I received another one that wanted me to pick up a load that was sitting at the East St Louis yard and deliver it to Kraft Foods in Champaign, IL on Thursday.

Well, I get to Jackson, MO and find out that the trailer I am supposed to pick-up is checked out. LOVELY!!!! I messaged my DM and an hour later they sent me another trailer to pick-up. The only issue was that my hours of service were going to run out once I got to St Louis and I would be late for the delivery in Champaign now. My DM told me to do what I could as she already tried to have that load taken off of me since I would be dropping that trailer from Jackson 18 miles from home. She even told me not to accept anything unless it took me home or close to it.

I caught a break though. Once I got the empty in Jackson, I stopped at a little truck stop in town to take a leak and refresh my Mt. Dew. I get back into the truck and have a message saying that the Champaign load was removed. I sent a message back asking if this meant I was to go home. The next message changed my PTA to Sunday at 0800, and than I got the confirmation to go home after I dropped the empty. WOOOOHOOOO

Yesterday the UPS guy arrived with my Sirius radio as well.. So, you know what i did yesterday afternoon. 🙂 I even rearranged where I had my TomTom as well. I had it on the windshield, but didn’t like it there as it was to far to reach. So, I have that mounted to the dash now next to the Sirius. I than took the dash apart to hide all the wires.

This morning Angie and I ran to the Pilot across from Gateway International so I could look for something to put the antenna on. See, the kit I got is for a car, so it has the magnetic antenna. Well, I was able to find a CB antenna mount for a Freightliner for 10 bucks that worked perfectly. It’s aluminum so the antenna doesn’t stick, but it fits right in the middle of the four mounting bolts. Once I tightened the mounting bolts, they turned a bit and locked the antenna in even more. So, it looks like I won’t need to buy the 60 dollar antenna. This one is working perfectly right now and the signal strength is maxed out. I am really glad it is to as I barely have enough to pay attention right now, much less buy another antenna.

Anywho, as I stated earlier I should get a pre-plan sometime Sunday morning to head out again. Tomorrow is Heath’s birthday, so we are headed over to their place tonight. I foresee some beer drinking and dart throwing in my future.. I told him that if he wanted to drink some beers with me, it would have to be tonight as this kid isn’t having anything tomorrow. No way in hell I am taking a chance.

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