An Expensive Day, but I am home for the night!!!

I left at 0530 and headed for Elwood, IL. Once I got there, I realized it was the same place that Donald and I had picked up before. Once I got the location where to drop my empty, i went to do that and than walked to the shipping office to get my paperwork and location of the full trailer. That took about 15 minutes to find, but one found, I hooked up and checked all the lights.

When I did my loaded call, I noticed that it was only 30K and some change I was carrying. So, since I knew that was just fine I decided not to go spend the 9 bucks to scale it.

Everything was going great until I hit the ONLY weigh station on I 55 in the state of Illinois. I got the read light from the prepass and when I rolled over the pre-scale I got the red arrow to go to the right… DAMINT… So, I stop and slowly roll onto the scale. I get positioned and hear a voice over the speaker telling me to shut off the truck and to come inside. OH SHIT!!! NOT GOOD.

When I got inside, I found out that I had 36,224 on the trailer. The officer proceeded to tell me that I was over their 2K lb variance and that 224 lbs got me a ticket for the minimum charge of $240. The officer than tells me to go out and get my registration, insurance and logbook. When I walked back out to the truck, I looked at the tandems and I will be damned if they weren’t slid all the way forward. Are you shittin me? Not to mention I was one hole away from just a warning.

Lesson learned is that no matter what the weight of the cargo, I am paying the 9 bucks to scale it. Not to mention with every damn van load i get from now on I am checking the position of the tandems. Had I done that when I picked it up, I would have know that wasn’t going to be legal, and would have slid them before I left the warehouse.

I kicked myself in the ass all the way to Troy where I filled up, and than being so close to home kicked in and it left my brain… I can never learn anything the easy way. Never have, so why start now right?

Anyway, that was pretty much my day. The highlight was seeing Angie pull up to Lowe’s and pick me up. She had a field trip with Josh at lunch for his daycare, so he was with her as too. He ran to the driver door of the truck and immediately tried to climb in. I lifted him in and he hopped in the driver seat and acted like he was driving. He even put the seat belt on and wanted me to tilt the wheel down too. Every now and than he would reach over and touch the shifter. Pretty smart for a 3 yr old. 🙂

So to reiterate: PAY THE 9 BUCKS TY!!! You get reimbursed for it anyway and it’s a helluva lot cheaper!!!

That is all for this evening.. I have a hot little number on the couch waiting to snuggle. Crap, gotta fold my laundry first, but I will get there.

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