Headed through St. Louis

I decided to leave the terminal at 1300 today and head to Northlake to deliver. Due to construction and Chicago traffic, it took me an hour and a half to get there. I checked in about 2 hours early, but they assigned me a bay to back into and told me what to do. So I did all that jazz and they started unloading me at 1600. Now, they won't unload us if we are sitting in the truck so we have to sit in a little waiting area. They called my bay number at about 1715, signed the paperwork, and headed back to the truck.

When I got to the truck I had a pre-plan waiting on me. Picking up in Elwood, IL at a Wal-Mart distribution center and delivering to Saint James, MO. Which just happens to be about 2 hours west of the house!!!!!! Oh and it gets better. My fuel stop is exit 18 on I-55, which is 20 miles from the house.

That means I am going to leave Gary at 0500 and head to Elwood to pick up. I have to be there by 0830 and it's only 46 miles away. Anywho, I am stopping at the house for my 10hr break, than getting up in the morning when Angie goes to work and head to Saint James. Once unloaded, I have been told that I will be sent to the house for my home time that's due. 🙂

Ahhhhhh finally!!! Again, I am pulling a van, but don't give a shit because it's getting me home!!!!

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