Back in Gary

I called Proctor n Gamble this morning when I got up to see if I could pick up before 2300. The guy that answered the phone said my trailer would be loaded at 1 or 1:30. I paused a second and said in the morning? He said no, this afternoon. SWEET

So I left the Columbus terminal at noon. It took me 30 minutes to get through security, sign the paperwork at the shipping office, drop my empty, and pick up the full.

This place makes you slide your tandems all the way back when you drop your empty, so when I picked up the full one I checked the tandems. Good thing I did too as the pins weren't locked. I got 'em locked though and headed out. When I pulled out, I was talking to Angie on the phone and told her I should really scale this. I no more than said that and see a CAT certified scale sign.

I pulled in and scaled. Good thing I did too as I was over on the drives 660 lbs. I only had 31K on the trailer, so that meant I needed to slide them forward. So, I slide them forward two notches and it moved 500lbs exactly off of the drives and onto the trailer. SHIT, one more notch. I had to fight with the lever this time to get the pins unlocked, but once I got 'em unlocked, another hole forward I slid. I didn't bother to scale it a third time as each hole the first time was 250lbs, so I knew I was good.

Anyway, I have 41K lbs of Iams dog food. 32 pallets or 1510 bags.. That's allota damn dog food..

Once I scaled out, I headed for Gary and rolled in here about 1945. That means my 10hrs is up at 0545. After Angie calls on her way to work I will call the customer to see if I can deliver early. It's a distribution center, so I don't believe it will be an issue.

Now, the best thing that happened today was when I got to Gary, I ordered a pizza. When I was waiting for the pizza I called SIRIUS to cancel my subscription. The lady asked why and I said well, I don't really want to cancel it but I see my car once a month and can't afford to buy the equipment for my truck right now. She said she was sorry to hear that and transferred me to the cancellation dept.

This is where it gets good.. So, Rob picks up and asks how he can help me and I said I needed to cancel my service. He asked if he could ask why, so I explained everything to him. He said well I can see you have been with us for the last 5yrs and I hate to see you go. I said well I will be back as soon as I can afford the equipment for my truck. He than asked what I would say if he sent me a free radio. WHAT? I said man, if you could do that I will jump through this phone and hug a heterosexual kinda way of course.. He busted out laughing and said yeah, I can send you a free radio. Than I asked if that included the FM modulater to cut out interference and he said he would throw that in too. All I had to pay was shipping which came to $7.45. WOOOHOOO

This is the kit that plays through an FM station. Donald had one in his truck and it worked great. The only thing I am not sure about is the antenna. This kit comes with that small sticky square one, but I see truckers with them stuck to their mirror. I will give it a try at least before I but the big antenna to mount to the mirror bracket.

Anyway, I thought that was awesome!! Not to mention when I activate it, it will only be 6 bucks a month since I already have an account. So, I will get SIRIUS in the truck, never miss a race again, never have to change stations every 100 miles, and Angie will still get to listen to it whenever she drives my car.


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