Gonna be a door slammer tomorrow

I got a pre-plan around noon today. I am picking up at Proctor n Gamble in Leipsic, OH and delivering to Dominick's Fine Foods in Northlake, IL. Northlake is about 3 miles south of Chicago/O'Hare.

As the subject states, this is a van load. I'm not really slamming doors as this isn't a live unload from what it said, but we call the van drivers door slammers because that is the most work they do.

It got a little hairy today though as about an hour after I accepted the pre-plan, they unplanned it. I was sent a new one that delivered to a Macys in Denver. WTF??? I just about came unglued when they unplanned that and re planned me on the first one. WHEW…. I was about to get pissed..

According to the pre-plan, my pick-up time is between 2300 tomorrow night and 0500 on the 18th. My delivery appt is 1700 on the 18th. So, I as soon as I get the load assignment I am calling the shipper to see if the load will be ready before 2300.

Once I get the load I will head to Gary, IN and take my 10hr. Break at the terminal. If I plan it right, my break should be up around 1300 or 1400. That will give me plenty of time to make the 1700 delivery. However, I will call the customer as well to see if I can deliver early. If I can, this guy is drivin straight through. It's 111 miles empty and 242 loaded. Not to shabby, and I can do that easily without coming close to running out of hours for the day.

Now, my fingers are crossed that since I am so close to my home terminal, they will either just send me home. I am pretty sure they will have me pick something up in Gary that is headed south though. Than just have me stop at home for my two days. But, I honestly have no friggin clue how it will work. All I know is that if I am not headed to the house sometime next week, someone is going to hear about it Gary.

While I am back at Gary though, I need to see about getting a new headache rack. The one I have is missing the box on top for the tarps and had nothing on the back to attach a strap to. So, I have my tarps on my catwalk with a strap around them pulling them towards the headache rack. It's pretty much some serious ass pain. I fight with my gear every load I have and it shouldn't be that way. I fought with it when I first got the truck too, but figured I am new. I will give it a try and see how it goes. Well, I gave it a try and it sucks!! It's not efficient and it just pisses me off. Bless Angie's heart because she hears about it everyday. I am sure she will be happy as hell if I get a different rack as well. 🙂

In all honesty, I hate pulling vans. However, I will pull any damn thing they want me to if it means I am getting my home time. Ya smell what i'm steppin in?

Ok, off ta bed. Gotta get up and get an empty assigned to me in the morning so I can get the load assignment sent as well as the directions. They wouldn't let me sit on an empty tonight for some reason, even though there are about 100 of 'em out here. But, that's this terminals policy, so gotta deal with it.

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