Sittin in Columbus

The mechanic fixing the trailer yesterday decided to do a comprehensive inspection on the trailer. The only reason he let me leave was because it was loaded. Let's just say it is a D.O.T. Officer's dream.

I knew it was a piece of shit when I checked it out, but there aren't any empty flatbeds here to trans load it to.

Needless to say, I didn't get out of the shop till 1800. I decided to stay here and take a shower and just leave in the morning.

I got up at 0345 and was rollin at 0415.. I was told it was 156 miles, so that's three hours and I have to be there at 0900 (EST). So, I have plenty of time.. Not so fast sparky.. It was more like 196 miles and I got there at 0859.

Wanna take a stab at what time I left?? Would you believe 1300??? Yup! As they unloaded it, the cardboard boxes were wet and when they oipened them, there was condensation on the aluminum. That isn't good. So the dude puts it back on the trailer and said he had to find out what to do.

Come to find out, this load was delivered once and they refused it because they said they cancelled the order from Alcoa. The last guy was there for 4 hrs and when Swift told them they were going to have to pay detention pay, they got in a huge fight. Needless to say this load has been sitting in Columbus for 2 weeks. Even with it being tarped, it is going to get wet when it just sits.

After the gut got an attitude with me and said they didn't need the product, I messaged my DM. She got management involved and the next thing ya know I got three pissed off dudes unloading me. I asked if they were taking it and the one guy said the owner told us to unload it. He than said they had to wipe down every piece with a towel. 100 aluminum rods they had to wipe down. Oh well, I got my papers signed and that's all that matters.

Once that debacle was over, Ed, my flatbed division manager, told me to head back to Columbus to drop the trailer. When I get here, the trailer shop is closed and I am told the earliest someone can look at it is 0800 on Monday.. WTF???

I messaged Ed and he said that the work order was already done on it, so it was fine to just drop it in their red tag lot.

Anywho, that was my day.. I'm exhausted and am really hoping they get my ass outta here tomorrow. I don't give a damn if it's a horse buggy they want me to pull. If it gets me outta here and headed for home, I will pull it.

On the bright side of things; The Shaker is purrin like a little kitten. She definitely liked whatever the dealer did. In fact it seems like she even has a little more hitch in her giddy up.

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