Could I catch a break please???

I was told to bobtail back to Columbus to pick up a load to be delivered to Columbiana, OH at 1630 today.

Thank God they changed the appt time for tomorrow morning. It's only about an hour or so away, but 5 marker lights were out on the trailer.

So, I strap down the load and get it tarped. When I went to get in the truck, I noticed my front drive axle outside tire has a gap between the side wall and rim. Are you friggin kidding me??? No idea if the bead just broke or I ran over something, but the bitch is flat.

Anyone wanna take a stab where I am right now? No, I am not on the beach with my beautiful Angie. I am in the Columbus Terminal shop watching them try to figure out why 5 lights are out on the trailer. Than they are gonna fix the tire.

I asked Tonn if they were trying to get me home after this and all I got back was that the planners know I am owed home time.. Boy, that is reassuring.

Well gonna go smoke. I really need to quit, but how the hell can ya at a time like this, ya know?

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