Stuck in Dayton, OH

I picked up in Baltimore yesterday and headed for Indy. Just as I crossed into West Virginia, the check engine light started coming on again.

I stopped for the night at the Ohio Welcome Center and when I took off this morning, everything was fine.

I stopped at the terminal in Columbus to fill-up and continued west.

About 10 miles outside Dayton, the check engine light came on again and I lost engine power. Same symptoms as last week. I got pulled over and shut her off and fired her back up again. She didn't want to idle smoothly so I went to give her some gas and nothing. She broke out of her choppiness and idled smoothly, but still nothing when I hit the throttle.

2hrs after I stopped, the wrecker showed up to tow me to the Freightliner dealer. That is where she sits now. No clue what the diagnosis is yet as they weren't going to be able to get in the shop until later tonight. I will know more in the morning.

My flatbed manager said he has a truck waiting in Columbus if it is going to take a couple of days to fix mine. It's a newer truck too. But like I told him, I like mine and would prefer not to switch. Trying to get to the new truck, going back to the dealer, and grabbing all my gear and personal shit is way more ass pain than I feel like dealing with right now. However, if it will take a day or two for my truck to get done, than I have no choice.

So I am chillin in a hotel again. The plus side is I get another good hot shower, and the second is I can get caught up on some sleep. Sleeping at a rest area sucks. Sleeping at an on ramp to a rest area sucks even more, and that's where I was as it was full. That is one reason I hate driving past 8pm… You can never find a place to park.

I just hope whatever it is the Freightliner dealer can get it fixed tomorrow. They are also installing my CB for me. Well, the truck is already wired for it, but the power plug in there won't work with my Cobra.

Anyway, that's all for now. Once again I get paid for the miles I ran, so I will get 700 or so for this 800 mile run. But as with the other load, they are sending a driver to re power the load.

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