Still stuck in Richmond

I woke up this morning and called the terminal to check on my truck. Well, the shop said they probably wouldn't have time to get to it today so here I am in the hotel again. The good thing is they immediately faxed over another authorization so by the time I got to the front desk, things were good.

I will have to call my DM tomorrow to make sure I get paid for the 500 miles of the trip I drove as well as breakdown pay.

I am also going to take that opportunity to ask for something towards the house. I talked with one of the weekend planners this morning and she said it shows a negative 2 days for home time in the system, so they know I am owed time home.

The part that really sucks is I have a roommate. To top it off, I think he's retarded. Seriously, the dude is weird. I have no damn clue how he got his CDL.. He talks to him self and stares at the ceiling for no apparent reason. Not to mention he did laundry today and ironed all his clothes only to literally throw them in a bag. Plus he washed the room towels because he doesn't like mixing his darks and whites and he only had a couple pairs of socks to wash…

I think I hurt his feelings though because when he told me about washing the towels I told him that was pretty retarded to use your money when they give us clean ones.. Needless to say he finished throwing his clothes in his bag and I haven't seen him since. 🙂 Good thing he's a van driver as he wouldn't make in flatbed.

Oh and it took him literally 30 minutes to update his log book.. Than he asked where mine was and when I told him it was in the truck he looked all confused. I said dude, I'm off duty and have been since 1500 yesterday. It's not that hard to draw a line across the page. But, he is still with his mentor so I cut him a little slack.

He probably thinks I'm a real asshole, but I don't believe I will be losing any sleep over it.

I just don't have patience with certain people and he is one of them.

Well, my pizza has arrived. Time to eat and they gave me an order of free wings for some reason. The main thing is they aren't on my receipt and I didn't pay for them. 🙂

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