The bad luck continues

My check engine light came on a couple of times coming through DC yesterday. Well, I checked and the engine was still there, so all seemed fine to me. When I stopped for the night, I checked everything over, all my fluid levels, etc and everything was good.

So I pull out this morning and get 2 miles down 95 and I lost all engine power. I get pulled over, set out my triangles and send in my breakdown message.

On Road called me right away and asked if I could make it 6 miles to the TA. I started the truck and it fired right up.. A ton o black smoke rolled outta the stacks and she purred like a kitten. Drove 60mph all the way here and things were ok.

Now the wait begins. I am next in line to pull into the bay to have them read the codes and find out what is wrong. Guess it's a good thing I don't deliver till monday. The shitty part is, sittin here is eating up my 14. Hopefully it doesn't take to long and I can at least get 300 miles in today.

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