Breakdown Update

The other driver showed up around 1430 to swap trailers. We just swapped gear instead of me undoing everything and him re-doing it.

I sent a message with my new trailer number and took off for Richmond. I just merged onto 64E and I lost all power again. I got over to the shoulder and shut her down. I fired her bag up and she idled fine, but as soon as I gave her gas nadda damn thing happened. It's like she was possessed.

So here I go again setting out my triangles. Good thing I did too because as I was walking back to the truck guess who shows up?? If you guessed a Virginia State Trooper, you win!!! He was wondering what was wrong and if I needed anything. I was on the phone with On Road at the time. The lady in Phoenix came back on and said they were going to send a wrecker out to tow me to the terminal.

Another hour goes by sitting on the side of the interstate before the wrecker finally showed up. Oh course he has to give me shit, but was really cool. I helped him get everything hooked up as well as disconnecting the drive line. I guess he has to do that for safety reasons as well as it reduces wear and tear on the transmission.

We got to the terminal and we dropped the trailer, and than took the tractor to the shop. I asked about re-connecting the drive line and he said nope, I told ya you would be in a hotel.

So I went into the terminal and those guys were awesome. Told me what I needed to do for them to authorize me a room, so I did that. Once that was taken care of, one of the guys drove me over to the hotel.

It's a mixed blessing really… I would rather be pulling my load, but nothing I can do when it's a mechanical failure. So, I got a nice hot shower, doing my laundry, and watching the race.

I have to call the terminal tomorrow morning before check-out time to see if the have an estimated time of completion. If it is going to take longer than tomorrow, they are keeping me in the hotel.

Now, buckle up for my rant.. If you are driving down the interstate and see a vehicle on the side of the road, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and MOVE OVER!!! Especially if there are safety triangles out. Truckers were the ONLY ones to move over and the ones that didn't couldn't because a 4 wheeler wouldn't let them over. I wish people would pay attention to what the hell they are doing. It's called common courtesy people!! But than again, it's the same type of people that enter a construction zone and think they are allowed to stay in the lane that is closing till the last minute before slamming on the brakes and moving over, thus totally screwing up the traffic flow. Yes, that was a huge run-on sentence, but I don't care.

Thanks for listening and I hope that if any of you are pulled over on the side of the road, you don't go through what I did today.

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