Won’t be home this weekend

I just got a pre-plan to pick-up from Pliant Corp in Harrington, DE tomorrow morning. I deliver to Pliant Corp in Washington, GA on Monday.

It really sucks, but the good thing is I will have a trip under my belt for next weeks pay period.

I just got a message saying that this is our first flatbed load with this customer with more promised. They asked that I do Swift proud and make a good impression. Obviously they don't know me that well yet, but I am kinda humbled that they are giving this to a rookie driver. Kinda says something about what they think of me and my abilities.

I was looking at the route I will more than likely be given and I will be hitting the PA turnpike (476) outta Scranton and taking that all the way to 95 in Phillie. Than take 495 around Wilmington, DE and catch US-13 down to Harrington. Once loaded I will get back on 13 S where I get to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I will than catch I264 through Chesapeake, VA which turns into US58/460W and take that to 95S. I'll take that all the way to I20W in SC, and finally in GA I will hop on US78N right into Washington.

I haven't got the Swift directions yet, but that seems like the most logical route to me.

I really hate that I won't be home when I requested, but Angie and I both know that they TRY to get me home on those dates. Pretty sure they will send me home after this load though. I really couldn't be blessed with a better woman. This is hard, but she is so understanding and just rolls with the days. So, THANK YOU Angie for sticking by my side through all of this.

Like I said before though, at least this will give me a load on this pay period. If they would have sent me home today, I would probably not had anything that I could pick-up on the 11th and deliver by midnight on the 13th. So, at least I will have 900 miles.

I am 200 miles away from Harrington, so I am not leaving until the ass crack of dawn. Prolly right around 0400 my time which is 0500 local. I have to pick up by 1300, so even if there are traffic delays I should be good. Plus at 2030 tonight I will have a 34hr restart and a fresh 70 hrs. As it stands right now, I only have 24.5 hrs available. I could leave now, but there isn't a damn place to stop in DE. Plus it doesn't make sense to bust my 34 now. Granted I can get another reset before I deliver on Monday. Really, I just don't feel like leaving right now. Doing nothing all day is flippin exhausting.

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